aWe Creative Group presents: Falling

A tragic love story exploring ethical questions about the vows of marriage and the basic functions of the heart. Sometimes we simply cannot control where our love goes. What chances are you willing to take to be happy?


Friday, August 10th – 8:45pm

Sunday, August 12th – NOON

Wednesday, August 15th – 9pm

Friday, August 24th – 2pm

Sunday, August 26th – 4pm

Performance time 100 minutes

Frigid Festival


36Hours is coming back with a reworked script – no major changes – but small important ones.  Rumor has it that rehearsals have been exciting – and the show has a new beat to it.  If you haven’t seen it come check it out.





94 St. Marks Place (Between 1st Ave & Avenue A)

2/20 @ 5:30pm

2/22 @ 8:40pm

2/25 @ 7:05pm

2/28 @ 10:15pm

3/3 @ 3:40pm

The play is 55minutes long – and it will keep you on your toes.  Tickets are $10 and only $8 on TDF!


While 36Hours is a Drama with some Witty moments – if you are looking for something to lighten your mood perhaps you would like to check out SISTERS GRIMM: FABLES OF THE STAGE – a collaboration with the amazing BRICKEN SPARACINO.  My short play “Jack and the Giant” will be featured along with Bricken’s hilarious “Pointy the Starfish”.

“A hilarious look behind the curtain. Find out how Jack really met the Giant and what happens between the scenes of a traveling children’s theater troupe.”

Sisters Grimm:  Fables of the Stage

The Kraine Theatre

85 East 4th Street (between Bowery and 2nd Ave)

Feb 22, 5:35PM
Feb 24, 5:15PM
Feb 26, 7:05PM
Mar 02, 2:05PM
Mar 03, 5:15PM


aWe Creative Group Presents: 36 Hours


36 Hours

by Amy E. Witting

Directed by Bricken Sparacino

Featuring Michael Birch & Kerry Fitzgibbons

Tickets are $15

or call – 212-252-2136

36 Hours

The Red Room

85 E. 4th Street

New York, NY 10003

May 31st @ 8pm

June 1st @ 8pm

June 2nd @ 6pm

June 2nd @ 9pm

June 3rd @ 2pm

image by Moira Birch



As always, THANKS FOR YOUR ON-GOING Support!!

aWe Creative Group

Update From NYC!

The promise of a blog everyday while in the trenches of the Festival Fringe did not go as planned.  We had minimal WiFi at our apartment (sorry Flat), and since we were living above Fringe Central with our own birds eye views of wonderful street performers watched by hundreds of audience members, the WiFi was not the most reliable.  We thought of our dear friends, family, fans, fanatics, festival lovers while we were away, but sadly were unable to keep up with the blog like we wanted to.  Below is a link to a four star review we received!

Alas, we are back in New York City a bit whiter than when we left at the end of July.  Scotland is known for having four seasons in one day, but we experienced a lot of rain, a little sun, a good amount of wind, a stream of cool air, but overall we were all very grateful to have been living in the center of the Fringe for 2.5 weeks.  It really was an amazing experience, one that is hard to really dissect, but we will try.

In Edinburgh everyone is on the same playing field.  Theatre companies that we look up to in New York are sharing a pint with us after our show and describing their process of getting to where they are today.  Everyone respects the artist within.  That is the reason for being in Scotland in the first place.  To be in Scotland in August is like diving into a pool full of imagination.  You can just ride the wave, swim out as far as you can see, there really are no limits.

This morning aWe Creative Group was mentioned in the NY Times Arts Section answering the burning question most of our generous donors had for us…Was It Worth It?  Take a look at the online version below:

Without hesitation the Fringe was worth it.  We made contacts from all over the world ranging from recent college graduates from London to a well established producer from Melbourne.  The performances were very well received by our audiences.  Our audiences were very mixed, ranging from twenty to fifty people a night.  We performed in a space at The Beehive Inn at the Grassmarket–where the managers and “The Team” treated us like family.  They helped promote our shows, remained excited about each performance, and helped us keep the occasional blurry eyed drunk from attending. 

We were able to pimp out our show on a daily basis, but also enjoy the country that we were in.  Half of our team had never set foot in Scotland before so we set aside one day to take a high-speed tour of the Highlands.  High speed meaning a nine-hour tour of some highlights such as The Wallace Monument, Stirling Castle, Dunvagen, Doune Castle, and a visit to The Famous Grouse distillery. 

With G.I. Joe Jared tucked behind us, for now at least, we are excited to keep our connections from Scotland, and collaborate with new artists, and keep on trucking down this winding path we call Art.  Tonight we have our first meeting with Philadelphia Philms to start the pre-production of Create Me Pegasus THE MOVIE!  (Short-Film).  We will need production help on the film that will be shot in late fall.  Anyone interested should email

We have other upcoming projects in the mix…including the reading of the new full-length play, Spin by Amy E. Witting.

We are having a Welcome Back and Happy Fall guest bartending night in September.  We will post details as soon as they are confirmed.  Now that we are stateside we will continue to be current with this blog.  A lot of exciting things are happening for aWe Creative Group, and we would love to take you on the ride.

Thanks for reading! aWe

A Review…By Amy E. Witting

When writing a play you have the beats, outline, characters, glances, pauses, laughter and so on all carefully cutout from your imagination.  You hand it to a director, or in this case you direct it yourself, and actors bring to life the pages that were once blank.  It’s astonishing how words become moments, and moments become memories.  Last night as I sat in the corner of The Beehive Inn watching for the twelfth time this play that I created..I never had a moment to think because I was so engaged the whole time.  The actors made every moment work every single moment and I was brought to tears at the end because I had become so lost in the story I had forgotten what was coming next.  Julie’s words at the end hit me like a ton of bricks. 

This has been a real journey for us as a company as well as individually.  WE’ve come leaps and bounds from where we started.  Last night was magical.  The passion, commitment, and drive Tiffany, Billy, and Kerry have put into every minute of this play is admirable.  Being in the thick of it my sight is a bit foggy as to where we are all going, but I know one thing for sure we have all moved up a level and have a greater appreciation for our work, our passion, and theatre in general.  Tomorrow we are taking a group tour out to The Highlands.  Should be great to experience a day away from the madness that is the Edinburgh Festival.  I have to run to meet Billy and Kerry for a play—and Tiffany is somewhere in Scotland looking at The Rosalyn Chapel.  What an amazing experience!

Thanks for reading.
Off to a show!

Playing Catch Up

As promised we want to keep our fans updated with our journey overseas. It’s been a crazy couple of days filled with fun, knowledge, and standing on lines.

Our first performance on Thursday night, our preview performance started out with shit…no literally.  As we were walking down The Grassmarket…Billy thought it was starting to rain, but no a bird had decided to use Billy as a toilet.  Being pooped on by a bird is def. good luck, and it managed to be so when we had an almost packed house the first night.  The energy was great, and half the audience were fellow New Yorkers who turned out to support us.

Right after The Bird Incident

Only problem is, how the hell were we going to find the same bird to use Billy’s shirt as a loo every night before the performance?   

With the first performance under our belt and a lovely man named Simon who gave us really wonderful feedback after the show, we were energized and ready to take on the world.  We stayed at The Beehive Inn with our new friends for a bit and were really excited about the upcoming shows ahead.  Show One …. Complete.

Friday we woke up and went directly to our new New Yorker’s show after a nice home cooked breakfast.  After the show we had some time before heading up to the Pleasance Dome to check out the John Malkovich directed.. Julian Sands in Search of Harold Pinter.  It was lovely to hear the words of Pinter….and be in the thick of the festival.  Three of us went for a hike after and headed down to our performance space weary but hopeful that performance number two would be just as energizing as performance number one.

We flyered the Beehive and discovered our audience to be a mixture of theatregoers and drunk festivalgoers.  We’ve learned that The Free Festival caters to comedy acts, and stand ups, but it’s not that saturated with theatre.  This is a bonus and a bit of a challenge for us.  We decided to pack our audience for the second show … but realized after a few hecklers in the audience that it’s the quality of the audience that matters and not the quantity.  The drunks aren’t the best audience members.

Billy, Kerry, and Tiffany did an admirable job of staying concentrated on night two as a man with a guitar and amp played on the street below, and in the middle a military jet flew above…shaking the building and setting car alarms screaming.  They stayed with it, and the members of the audience who were there to appreciate theatre really enjoyed the performance and committment.

It was definitely an interesting experience for us all and we chatted over a pile of nachos and caronas on how to target our audience for future performances and how to adapt to our space.  We are performing in a we decided to adjust accordingly and banter back if necessary.  Billy immediately decided to salute the military jet if it should happen the next night.

We decided to celebrate our accomplishments by going to the local fiddle bar for an evening of Scottish music.  We became local heroes when helping the local drunk woman off the floor when she fell, and assisted the regulars in helping her into a cab.  What a night.

Saturday we were off to the Media Even where each group of 2,000 shows were invited to meet the press.  Obviously 2,000 shows means a long que of people, lines inside and lots of waiting.  The members of the Fringe Media team kept the que happy by handing out beers, water, and keeping spirits high.  Billy and Amy waited for hours talking to members of such publications as The New York Times, The Scotsman, The List, FringeGuru.  It was exciting and def. a learning experience.  We learned how to market ourselves, get behind our work, really believe in what we are doing.  The bottom line is the play is a good play.  A great play, a really wonderful pay.

After finishing the press junket (As Billy Likes to call it) we headed to our show and had a nice quality audience.  It was a bit smaller than the two nights before, even turning a couple drunk men away at the door, but they really enjoyed the piece, and we were all proud of what we did.

After the show, in the pouring rain, we ran to the military tatoo at the Edinburgh Castle.  It was a really wonderful experience…even if we were all coated in little plastic bubbles to watch the outdoor show in the pouring rain.

We have grown by leaps and bounds in the past couple of days.  Today we are off to check out some shows, see a bit of the city, and really enjoy our fourth performance of the festival.

Thanks for reading!


We are Complete





THE CREW of aWE Creative Group - Bless Billy's Heart for Living with Three Women


The two have become four, and as I type–Kerry and Billy are napping before our 8:30pm performance tonight at the Beehive Inn. 

Last night Tiffany and I went to the Free Festival Launch party.  What a great night of eclectic people, interesting stories, funny sets, musical numbers, and great conversation.  The mix of people participating in this festival is astounding.  It really has its own pulse of sorts.

We’ve experienced five different weather patterns today, but through each ray of sun or drop of rain we’ve just been very thankful to be here.  “The Team” as they are called at The Beehive Inn are all really wonderful and supportive of each performance coming in to their space.  We are performing in a space at a pub, which is brilliant since our play takes place in a pub.  It’s intimate, and full of atmosphere, and I’m confident we will draw a nice crowd tonight–including two people from my previous tour of the Isle of Skye.  We have mastered the art of flyering–tucking our postcard in nicely to the free fringe program, and really chatting up with anyone willing to talk.  It’s been fun, and really wonderful way to learn how to truly believe in the project you are working on.

The city streets are full, performers abound, and we can’t wait to start tonight!  We will be sure to send you an update on how the first performance goes, and also on the rest of our journey!

As always, thanks for reading¬!