A Review…By Amy E. Witting

When writing a play you have the beats, outline, characters, glances, pauses, laughter and so on all carefully cutout from your imagination.  You hand it to a director, or in this case you direct it yourself, and actors bring to life the pages that were once blank.  It’s astonishing how words become moments, and moments become memories.  Last night as I sat in the corner of The Beehive Inn watching for the twelfth time this play that I created..I never had a moment to think because I was so engaged the whole time.  The actors made every moment work every single moment and I was brought to tears at the end because I had become so lost in the story I had forgotten what was coming next.  Julie’s words at the end hit me like a ton of bricks. 

This has been a real journey for us as a company as well as individually.  WE’ve come leaps and bounds from where we started.  Last night was magical.  The passion, commitment, and drive Tiffany, Billy, and Kerry have put into every minute of this play is admirable.  Being in the thick of it my sight is a bit foggy as to where we are all going, but I know one thing for sure we have all moved up a level and have a greater appreciation for our work, our passion, and theatre in general.  Tomorrow we are taking a group tour out to The Highlands.  Should be great to experience a day away from the madness that is the Edinburgh Festival.  I have to run to meet Billy and Kerry for a play—and Tiffany is somewhere in Scotland looking at The Rosalyn Chapel.  What an amazing experience!

Thanks for reading.
Off to a show!

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One thought on “A Review…By Amy E. Witting

  1. Truly inspiring. I’m a writer too and although, I have only written sketches so far. I still understand that feeling you described. What a great feeling it is.


    Heather Bunch

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